Monday, July 2, 2012

Moved into apartment!

Today I moved into my apartment!!
Still waiting on a roommate but here are the photos so far. :)

(I reeealy love Fujiko from Lupin III. I have so many figures of her,  
a speaker and a keychain. This is my favorite tho.)

Side table, clock I need to put up. Laptop, lamp and fan.
Underneath is a little bin with my pills. 

My beeed! Its the same one from my parents house,
So its really easy to get settled into this new place.

Book shelf. Just keep sakes, My camera, oldish Laguna moon bag because I love the design,
Clothing hamper, ipod, magazines (I am tempted to bring all my popteen but I'm not sure. Maybe Ageha too), 3DS, and psp. As well as my pencil case and two little zipper pouches.

Clothing, makeup and shoes! (My purse too with a scarf hanging out hah)
I only brought the things I told myself I would absolutely wear.
So no jeans. Only dresses, blouses, shorts, skirts and some tshirts ( for sleeping) 

I also decided to put my nerdy posters up.
Still waiting on a Lollipop chainsaw one from a friend,
as well as a Mass Effect 3 one that I forgot at home. But for now these will do. :) 
I also have some Liz Lisa catalogs that I plan to cut up and place on the wall. 

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