Wednesday, July 4, 2012

New gets and daily outfit

Today I went to target with my roommate and picked up a storage bin.
Of course I went for the kids section since they usually have pink things.
They had a very cheap (only 25.99 or so) storage bin with huge bins.
It was big enough for all of my shorts, skirts, underwear and bras in one bin.
I still had 2 more. I think thats a pretty good deal for a "children's" storage bin.
Isn't it so cute? :) The color really matches the rest of my room which is exactly what I wanted.

Aren't I amazing at photoshop? (lol nope)
...I think I accidentally cut off part of my blouse on the bottom right side. Oops...
The background was photoshoped out because of some unpacked boxes.

Earrings: Sanrio
Top: Forever 21
Belt: Off brand from Japan
Shorts: Unknown brand
Tights: Target
Shoes: ebay

No lenses today, I had to run out the door fast,
I over slept and then when I got home,
My friends invited me out to the bars around town
It was really nice. None of my roommates are actually sleeping here yet,
So I've got the place to myself.  So it was nice to see people haha.

Also! I ordered a new wig.
I kind of miss having my natural brown hair.
So I got a wig, I saw it in a lovely review by ShunTara on youtube.
I got it in "light brown" 
BEST part! 
With my ebay bucks, it was basically free! :D
Please watch the review at this link~!
She has a lot of lovely videos,
I really look up to her, the way she thinks about things in the gyaru community are wonderful.
Also, here is the link to the wig if anyone would like it.
I will do my own review once it arrives in the mail. :)

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