Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Liz Lisa makeup and Kumicky lenses

These lenses are "Puream" produced by Kumicky.

They are the Girly Chip (ガーリーチップ) version in rose hip.
While they are very comfy and I can hardly tell that they are in,

They dry out very easy which is a bit annoying.
The pink blends in with my natural eye color

which is gray, somehow it actually makes my natural eye look blue haha
There is the link to the website :)
They come in some really beautiful colors.
Rose hip happens to be my favorite 
but I'm really tempted to order them in Pure Bear, green tea and soy late as well.
I usually wear the Pure Bear (ピュアベアー) In Chocolate (which is actually gray looking) 
Because I honestly like simple looking lesnes over really detailed ones
(you can see them in most of my photos that are on here or tumblr)
The size is 14.5 so they aren't huge,Photobucket but big enough to still give the cute look!

They also come in a super cute box, which is a big plus imo. 
Cute packaging is always something that draws me in

Over all I would recommend them for sure. 

Now time for the Liz Lisa makeup!! :D
With my camera finally working my photos will be better quality!

I misplaced the battery charger so I couldn't use it!! 

The designs are too cute.
Pretty much everything I love, Gold, pink and roses.
While they are made of plastic, its quite strong.
I accidentally dropped the blush on a wooden floor,
it didn't even break at all! The rose didn't fall off either.

The first is the blush, its very pigmented, a really pretty shade.
Its goes on very smooth and is a really pretty rose pink.
Next is the eyeshadow,
While it isn't as pigmented as I would like,
its still a very pretty color, its light pink with a lot of sparkle.
As always, I would recommend putting an eyeshadow primer down first.
Not only does it seem to make the eyeshadow 
more vibrent it of course works as an eyeshadow base,
the color stays on a loooot better than without.
I would recommend either of these two: 
Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion,
Or, my personal favorite
Both work really well.
The lip gloss is also very nice.
Its not highly pigmented but personally, I like it better that way.
Underneath I put Candy Doll's lipstick in Ramune Pink

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