Sunday, June 17, 2012

Recent buys

Hello all, I recently bought a few things,

A set of hangers for my apartment. (The hangers I have now are all either wire or ones that don't match.... since I'm starting fresh in a new location... fresh, matching hangers would be nice heh)
Not to mention it came with 30? The price was really good, For only $20 including shipping from China. They arrived the other day and are actually quite sturdy and nice quality. 

This fuzz ball phone charm. I wanted to get a dust plug one but it was just too expensive. I have a hot pink one from Jesus Diamante but I really wanted a pale pink one. This was only like $2.00 including shipping, also from China. Its not here yet but Im looking forward to it.

These were too cute to pass up. I had a similar pair in black but they now have a huge hole in them. I'm going to try my best to sew them but sometimes that doesn't look so good. They were only $4.00 so I can always get a second pair of I can't fix them. I wanted to see how they look in white since white shades match my clothing a lot better than black does.

Also I ordered these two lovely things from imyourpresent at etsy. 
She has some amazingly cute things for sale. I'm sure most of you have heard of the sweetheart earrings? They are amazingly cute! Here is a relisting for the earings if anyone wants them! They are too cute to pass up! Look at the little mushed kitty face. >3< 

I don't think the necklace has been posted back up yet but I am sure it will be eventually. 

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