Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Style inspiration / blog links

Miyu, She has the cutest style and her love for pink
She also really makes me want to dye my hair brown again! 
everything is just too cute! I really enjoy reading her blog.

Not to mention, she has the cutest room ever.

She is a huuuuuge fashion inspiration to me,
I follow her style and makeup style a lot. 
She is really adorable and we have a lot of similar things so I love reading her blog

She is too cute, I love her makeup.
While I only read Ageha once and a while,
I really love following her blog.

 Of course Kumicky!
She was one of the reasons I first became interested in gyaru,
Shes so cute and has great fashion!

She is a gal from Sweeden,
She has a really cute style and seems like a really sweet girl,

She has the cutest fashion,
Its simple but still very cute and it is very inspiring
She also makes me want to dye my hair brown again haha

Of course there are much more 
but perhaps I'll make a 2nd entry about this sometime. 

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