Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cupcakes,Pusheen and dogs~! oh my!

Not much to report on but today I was able to leave the house.
Last night I went to a friends to watch a movie but didn't stay too long.
I went to a place called Bow wow beach with my family and dog. 
We went to a festival for rescue dogs called "Paw fest"
It was really nice. There were so many pugs there because they had a booth for pug rescue.
Pugs are by far my favorite kind of dog so I was super happy.

My father bought me a "Bahama mama" cupcake 
to try and cheer me up because I got very sick last night and was feeling a bit depressed.
It was so yummy and such a pretty color!
The photo under that is my family's dog Pee Wee. 
Also, a friend of mine of facebook,
'pusheened' my kitty BooBoo.
She also has a cat named BooBoo
so we say Boo kitties are the best kind haha.
It was really nice of her and it made me smile.

I am feeling much better today and I hope its a good sign.
Im really looking forward to getting back to work and going back to my apartment.
My mother has been absolutely amazing and so thoughtful.
She has taken care of me this whole time and let me temporarily move back home.
I really don't know what I would do without her. She is the best.

Oh, also I got this in the mail the other day.
I cannot freaking wait for season 3 of The Walking Dead.
Sooo excited!!


  1. Cupcake looks sooo yummy ♥
    and Pushee BooBoo looks cute,
    but her eyes are a little bit
    creepy ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ

    Lots of love~♥

    1. Oh and I will follow you :3
      Hope to see new note soon!♥

    2. Yes haha her eyes are a bit creepy, they are really bright in real life. Thank you so much for following, I hope you enjoy my blog and I will follow back!!