Thursday, September 20, 2012

kind gift~!

So a family friend heard about my sickness,
she was kind enough to send me a little package.
I had no idea she sent it until today.
It was so nice of her, I decided to put on my favorite pair!
I was really happy! :)

Forgive my outfit,
I reeeeally didnt feel like getting out of pj's today.
Managed to do my makeup a little but that was it.

Here are the earrings!
while some of them really aren't my style,
I can think of nice ways to use all of them with my outfits.
She runs a business selling these,
so to send so many it was really kind of her.

recently I have become even more obsessed with Perfume.
They are such an amazing group,
I cannot wait to see them live some day~!


  1. Beautiful earings~! They reminds me
    a 2NE1 style (^o^)♥
    OmG Thanks to you I love perfume again!
    What a great song and MV~!

    Kisses and get well soon (T_T) ♥ ♥ ♥

    1. Yes they do! The black and gold ones really remind me of CL. :D
      You like perfume? What song is your favorite :) They have so much talent!

      Aw thank you so much ;3; I will try and be better soon! (Then I can post about more interesting things! haha)