Friday, September 14, 2012

Gets and a green bath~!

These are all about two or three months old,
minus the socks...
but I forgot to post them~!

My melody makeup pouch!
(blankets make a great back drop lol)
I saw it in an issue of popteen, and had to get one
The inside is really big
and it can fit all of my makeup~!

I also got a new pen!
My melody of course!
I usually keep all my pens and pencils in my pencil case...
But this one is just for my purse
for checks or whatever I need it for.

Then, for a grand total of $2.99 (including shipping)
I was able to buy these adorable socks

I'm still really sick so the other day I decided to take a bath!
With some bath salts/bubbles,
Cherry blossom and sunflower scented with oil.
My skin was sooo smooth after haha
I think tonight I will take one with roses. 

It was really nice.
great for my muscles and bones that hurt.
My liver hurts me so bad these days,
the warm water feels absolutely amazing
and helps me sleep.
Its been getting better but for now this is wonderful. 

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