Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Things have been crazy!

Recent buys!

I absolutely love the movie : The Secret World of Arrietty, or  借りぐらしのアリエッティ

This necklace was just so pretty I had to order it,
Its got so many pretty colors and the little details from the movie.
Like her hair clip, a button, a spool of thread and a tiny little leaf on the back.

Anyone who hasn't seen the movie really needs to! its beautiful,
the background details are just amazing, all the little details in every part.
Not to mention the beautiful soundtrack. 

I put the theme under my post. please listen to it!

Speaking of Arrietty,
I needed a new pill box so I bought this one,
Its so pretty and matches my style very well.
The whole movie gave me a very mori girl feel,
since I enjoy mori gyaru I guess I loved it just as much.

I also really needed some new eyebrow mascara,
I've really been thinking about going back to brown hair but on the other hand
the blonde is different and really fun. 
I was able to gather enough strength to put on some makeup.
a wig and a cute sweater for some photos.
No lenses however. I ended up taking the makeup off right away,
Because all I ever want to do is sleep and its all thats possible right now.

I also ended up ordering this,
Its Kao's essential intensive hair mask in the Nuance airy version.
My hair gets really dry on the ends due to bleaching,
so Im hoping this helps, Ive heard nothing but good things about this.

Also on top of all this, 
I got a new purse!
its a Liz Lisa purse,
originally I got it for school work,
books,notebooks and whatever.
since I cant go to classes now...its just going to be a regular purse.
I believe its from the lucky packs, but its huge on the inside.
Great quality and beautiful. 
photos aren't mine, they are from the auction.
I placed this little girl alpaca on it as well,
Its pretty old at this point but a treasure of mine none the less
Great for a zipper pull and looks so cute on the bag~!

These are all purchase from this month and last month.
I haven't been able to buy may things so some of these are also gifts,
from family or money from my commissions. 

Also, a few days ago my friends Sharon and Jessika were kind enough to stop by!
The brought me so many nice things. like these paper lights!
they look so cute on my Imac,
They also brought me pumpkin pie pop-tarts! my absolute fave! 

Now onto more personal things,

Wow I am so sorry, its been a while since I posted. I don't think I've had much drive to post. Recently I came down with mono and it hit me like a train. I can hardly walk on my own, have trouble breathing, the whole package. In the long run, I ended up having to take the whole semester of classes off as well as turn down a few jobs. Needless to say Ive felt very useless and depressed. Things have been hard. I had to move back home with my mother for a few weeks and leave my stuff, apartment and awesome roommates. I can feel things slowly getting back to normal. By no means will things be perfect by tomorrow but hopefully I can move back by the end of next week or so. 

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