Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Went out a bit today~

So today I was able to get out again for a bit!
I went to get my bangs cut, they were sooo long! 
Right in my face, I couldn't see!! Not good!
My face is covered due to lack of makeup and crazy under eye bags.
It was a "no dress up" day, so a long sleeved shirt and jeans,
Because after, we went to the dog park!!
My Jack Russle, PeeWee, played with a Shiba Inu!
He was almost 5 months old, his name was Jackson Daiichi.
He was too cute and his owners were very nice!
The woman who owns Mindy was there so we chatted with her,
As well as the man and woman who own Browdie, Maggie and Fergie. 
Fergie was in such a cranky mood and almost bit me!!
Fergie never does anything like that! We were all worried. 
Her owners were so mad at her, they yelled at her and she came over,
            rolled on her back, then gave me a doggy kiss. 
You could tell by the look on her little face that she was so sorry.
It was scary, but I am glad I didn't actually get bit

I also painted my nails last night.
Usually its pink, but I went for "Stop light Red"
It was a little sparkly and drys vey fast.

I also got a package in the mail yesterday!
 I was going to be Bling Mag from Repo! For halloween,
But because of medical bills I cant afford it,
 so I will just be doing a simple creepy cute cord 
Maybe with some blood? Haha
Halloween is always so much fun,
I go to a friend named Jason's party,
Its always a ton of fun, and Kent is a party town sooo...
we walk down town and drink a bit and its just fun.
Hopefully things will be better by then health wise. :)

1 comment:

  1. whoa, it's good that nothing happened to
    you! Love the tights!
    I so envy you Halloween... In Poland, 1 day after
    your Halloween, we have All Saints' Day.
    We go to the cementary, clean graves and
    decorate it with flowers and lights.

    Please show on blog your Halloween costume
    when it'll be ready! ♥